Making money online

There are lot of ways of making money online but there are few which are actually worth your time. Today I will walk you through a few GPT (Get Paid To) sites that I think is worth your time.

If you search for GPT sites probably the first name that you will see is (This i will describe later in the article). But is lot better in lot of different ways on which i will enlighten you in a shore while. But first a background on GPT site:

What is GTP site?
GPT site gives to money or points for doing what you normally do over the web. This includes shopping, facebook, search, videos, surveys and many many other ways. The earning are very small and you can not make a living from that, thats for sure but a little extra money for doing absolutely nothing is always good. This is real easy money and by real easy i mean REAL EASY.

Which is the best site to start with?

Though lot of people would say that swagbucks is a the best site but i personally feel that is better for the following reasons:

1. Referral bonus are good as it gives 10% of the total points earned by your referrals compared to swagbucks which matches only points earned by search on swagbucks to a total of 1000SB.

2. If you are not a very active user and spend only 5 min. daily on such sites, you can easily earn around 20 points just by going to zoombucks daily and watch video ads. The same video ads in swagbucks will give less points.

3. Redemption options are good and the ration of points you en-cash for the number of points remains the same even if you en-cash more points.

Disadvantage of this site?

The biggest disadvantage that i found in this site is that it is a bit slow and offers are little less then swagbucks but this site makes up to that with higher number of hits.