Peer To Peer Networks

Peer to Peer networking is the most popular technique when it comes to downloading free movies, music, e-books, applications and anything that you can think of over the internet. There are many ways you can use these. Most popular of these is torrents. Torrents in more generalized sense can be thought of as sharing your system resources with others. Other people download the file that you want to share and at the same time upload the part of the file that has already being downloaded. A user who has complete file and is uploading the file is knows as Seeder and the one who is taking the file is knows as lecher.

For downloading a file using torrent you need to first download the torrent file. This file contains information about the trackers. Trackers are actually the server which store information about the seeds and lechers and works as the bridge between the two. Once you have got a torrent file (generally few 100 KBs) you need a torrent client to process  and download the file. One such popular client is utorrent.

utorrent not only downloads your file but also provides the functionality to resume your download. It also provides you information like the availability of the file. Availability of the file should should always be greater then 1 but if it is between 1-10 then there is a good chance that your file will never be downloaded. All the files are downloaded in the form of chunks. These chunks vary in size from 64kb to 4mb.

There is lot more to know about torrents. Will add more information when i get time.

Happy Downloading

P.S. All the information provided in the article is purely for education purpose. Using Peer to Peer networking  is illegal and criminal offence in some countries.

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